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Welcome to Autrol Corporation of America, a global leader in “Smart pressure, differential pressure & temperature Transmitters. Offer a full range of Autrol Smart Transmitters for high accuracy process temperature, Gauge pressure, Absolute pressure, Vaccum, Differential Pressure, DP Flow & tank level measurements”.

Autrol America’s global vision is to improve the performance of manufacturing and industrial industries by consistent enhancement of automation, instrumentation and control processes throughout the world. Our solutions provide verifiable results for a wide range of industries including dairy, water, wastewater, sugar, power, oil and gas, as well as some the harshest conditions imaginable.

Our series of process solutions solve industry challenges by measuring liquids, solids and gases, then controlling automated and critical equipment in order to deliver important, real time analysis of industrial processes, and by offering solutions that achieve world-class quality.


Autrol America Smart Transmitters measure Differential, Gauge, Absolute, Temperature & Level. We have successfully provided measurement solutions in over 45 countries. Certified by international standards such as SIL2, CE, FM, ISO9001, ISO14001, and many more


Application area includes Water & Wastewater, Chemicals & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Energy & Power, Renewable Energy & Alternate Fuel industries.


To augment our range of transmitters AAI offers a wide range of configurators, Softwares (PC & PDA), Sensors and Instrument manifolds to fit any of our transmitters.

Autrol America Inc. (AAI) range of transmitters includes a complete range of “intelligent” high-performance transmitters for Temperature, Gauge, Absolute, Vacuum & Differential pressure measurements for standalone monitoring and/or closed-loop control applications. These “intelligent” microprocessor-based “Smart” transmitters features a two-wire loop powered 4 to 20mA current outputs with “Digital” HART as standard (Foundation Fieldbus optional) communication(s) for seamless integration with a host control system such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, AMS, PDM and/or a local Hand Held Communicator(HHC).


We provide Smart Transmitters for Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Level measurement requirements & engineered systems solutions for metering needs to ensure processes operate efficiently while reducing operational costs and minimizing the risk associated with custody transfer.



Smart Transmitters Defining New Level Of Efficiency

An organization looking at optimizing efficiency must have process instrument solutions for every stage of their project or production process. Our range of dependable process instruments focus on providing standardized and customized measurement solutions across a variety of industries including dairy, water, wastewater, sugar, power, oil and gas. We are industry experts that strive to use our vast experience and cutting edge, innovative techniques to ensure full optimization of your organization’s processes, thereby increasing efficiency, as well as safety and ultimately minimizing costs.

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