what is smart

What is SMART?

What is SMART?

3200G 2WB

Autrol America transmitters are “True Smart” transmitters that can measure pressure, differential pressure, temperature and flow. This means our transmitters are essentially a all in on etool that accurately measure across the spectrum while being a sturdy design that affords acceptance with many of the industry’s highest certifications. To get the same capabilities many of our competitors’ products require you to purchase additional costly components.

Our smart transmitters conveniently act as a

Process meter ( the ability to measure mA output)
Loop powered indicator
HART Simulator
Loop Tester
All while saving time and money because integration is seamless with no shutdown of your process.

Redefining SMART
Autrol Transmitters outperform more conventional smart transmitters because of its ability to act as a “Multi- Functional Transmitter”. Autrol’s “MFT” has the ability to measure pressure, level and temperature.