ALT 6210

ALT 6210 Smart Radar Level Transmitter

ALT 6210 Smart Radar Level Transmitter

The ALT6210 is a reliable 2-wire radar level transmitter for liquids and slurries, designed for outstanding performance in a wide range of applications and process conditions. It measures level directly and is unaffected by most fluid property changes, including temperature, pressure, vapor gas mixture, density, turbulence, bubbling/boiling, dielectric, pH, viscosity, crystallization, etc.


Type: Non Contact Type Level Transmitter
Certificate: CE, Rohs, IP66/67
Feature: Horn ANT 2 ~ 4 inch, SEALANT 3, 4 inches, Encapsule ANT, Parabolic ANT
Range: 0.5 to 30 meter (Optional 70 meter)
Technology: Pulse RADAR by 26 GHz
Applicable condition: Less Wave, Noise, High Viscosity, Foam
Point Feature: Narrow & Straight Beam Angle (10°)

  • Non-contacting, making it virtually unaffected by process conditions
  • No moving parts mean little or no Maintenance Less affected by coating with Condensation Resistant Antenna
  • Reduced echoes from obstacles/tank walls with Circular Polarization
  • Continuous measurement of level or distance-to surface
  • Model Name: ALT6210
  • Protocol: Digital Communication, HART
  • Trim ability: Zero, DAC, FULL
  • Power supply & Load Requirement: 250 to 360 ohm @ 24 Vdc, Loop Powered
  • Failure Mode: Low ≤ 3.78 mA, High ≥ 21.1 mA
  • External Buttons: Zero & Span 2 buttons for device configuration
  • Process Temp. limit: -40 to 80℃ ( -104 to 176℉ )
  • Accuracy: ± 3 mm