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Autrol Corporation of America (AAI) is one of the most dynamic companies emerging as a trusted global mainstay of process instrumentation & control equipment for the process and manufacturing industry. Autrol America Smart Transmitters measure differential, gauge, absolute, temperature & level. We have successfully provided measurement solutions in over 45 countries and certifications by international standards such as SIL2, CE, FM, ISO9001, ISO14001, and many more.

Autrol America was established in 2008 offering  a complete range  of smart pressure , diff pressure and temperature  transmitters thereby targeting  all verticals including oil and gas.

To expand and consolidate our offering to include  a complete line of flow & level solutions we partnered with Tektrol Technology Solutions and DP Diagnostics to include a complete line of DP flow meters such as orifices, venturis , cones).

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To achieve excellence in our engineering services and be positioned as leaders in the national market, with international projection as well.


To develop comprehensive engineering projects that meet our clients’ needs, through resource development and constantly growing our strategic alliances.

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With our new partnership with DP Diagnostics specifically, we are able to empower our DP flow meters with a smart diagnostic/validation system and will soon introduce a new generation of wet gas flow meters to the market along with Tektrol.

We are already deploying a few of these solutions overseas and will now aggressively target North and South America with our vast network of Tektrol and Autrol America distributors.

Autrol America Canada meanwhile continues to support our above efforts plus any specialized overseas projects requiring complete solutions including metering skids for oil & gas,  filtration, regulation, flow conditioning.

This division will also offer compete metering supervisory flow computing systems with integrated analyzers for GC or Hydrocarbon dew-point and others depending on the project.

Autrol America continues to strive for perfection in the measurement, process instrumentation and control solutions by taking a strategic approach to maximizing efficiency on a global scale.

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