APT 3500

APT 3500 Smart Pressure Transmitter


The APT 3500 Smart Pressure Transmitter is a microprocessor-based high-performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable, a configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol. The application is very various, as measuring liquid, gas or steam flow as well as pressure and liquid level by an application method. All data of the sensor is to be input, modified and stored in EEPROM.


  • Type: Pressure: Differential(DPIT), Gauge/ Absolute(PIT), Level(LIT), High Static Pressure, Flow Pressure(FIT)
  • Certificate: SIL2 (TUV, FMEDA), Ex d, Ex ia, FM, ATEX, TR CU(EAC), INMETRO, CE, Rohs, BV, LR, KR, DNV, ABS, KCs, IP66/67, NEMA 4X
  • Feature: 4 to 20mA, HART, Loop Powered
  • Accuracy: ± 0.04% of CS* 3 lines LCD display, Self Diagnostic Function, External Buttons, DAC, Zero Trim, Eng mode, Gold Plate
  • Application: Advanced performance. Pressure, Flow, Level measurement for Oil & Gas, Liquid, Water, Marine & offshore, Vessel, Power, Chemical Plants, and Refinery
  • High Reference Accuracy : ±0.04% of Calibrated Span
  • for range 1(DP & GP)
    ±0.10% of Span
    For spans less than 4:1,
    accuracy = ± [0.025 x (URL/span)] % of span
  • for range 2 (DP & GP)
    ±0.10% of Span
    For spans less than 10:1,
    accuracy = ± [0.05 + 0.005 x (URL/span)] %
  • Data Configuration with HART Configurator
  • Zero Point Adjustment
  • Continuous Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Automatic Ambient Temperature Compensation
  • Fail-mode Process Function
  • EEPROM Write Protection
  • CE EMC Conformity Standards

Model Name: APT3500
Protocol: Digital Communication, HART 7, Fieldbus Foundation
Trim ability: Zero, DAC, FULL
Power supply & Load Requirement: 250 to 550 ohm @ 24 Vdc, Loop Powered
Failure Mode: Low ≤ 3.78 mA, High ≥ 21.1 mA
External Buttons: Zero & Span 2 buttons for device configuration
Process Temp. limit: -40 to 120℃ ( -104 to 248℉ )
Range Ability: 100:1
Stability: 0.125% URL for 60 months